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Dreams do come true:3
My name is Thea and I live in The Netherlands:aww:

About me:
NiGHTS Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki "Nights Fan" Stamp by pikagal25 Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser Llama Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvr Reala Stamp by tinfoil5 Jackle Stamp by tinfoil5 Miku stamp by TwilightRED7 STAMP Kasane Teto by The-Last-Fallen-Ange 282 - Gardevoir by Marlenesstamps 380 - Latias by Marlenesstamps 405 - Luxray by Marlenesstamps 048 - Venonat by Marlenesstamps 133 - Eevee by Marlenesstamps 151 - Mew by Marlenesstamps 155 - Cyndaquil by Marlenesstamps 173 - Cleffa by Marlenesstamps 215 - Sneasel by Marlenesstamps 249 - Lugia by Marlenesstamps 251 - Celebi by Marlenesstamps 280 - Ralts by Marlenesstamps 281 - Kirlia by Marlenesstamps 302 - Sableye by Marlenesstamps 330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps 353 - Shuppet by Marlenesstamps 351 - Castform by Marlenesstamps 381 - Latios by Marlenesstamps 470 - Leafeon by Marlenesstamps 471 - Glaceon by Marlenesstamps 475 - Gallade by Marlenesstamps 477 - Dusknoir by Marlenesstamps 478 - Froslass by Marlenesstamps 482 - Azelf by Marlenesstamps Stamp: I Love Cute Things by starfire-wolf a Llama given by AmblingPhotographer llama by o-pie Wanna Stamp by agra19 Know Me Better Stamp by mylastel Cartoon Watcher Stamp by Toonfreak No More Racism Stamp by VanHarley I Believe... Stamp by Mirz123 We all love our OCs don't we by Jeshika-Haruno OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares My OC are my treasure STAMP by The-Last-Fallen-Ange Female gamer stamp 2 by Anajrob .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot I Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherry Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther Guinea Pig Lover :Stamp: by Circe-Baka Panda Stamp by xXMandy20Xx I love Rabbits by WishmasterAlchemist CREEPYPASTA STAMP by marshmallowcookiwolf Stamp by Kataang-furuba Favorite Character Stamp 2 by Stamp221 Daydreamer Stamp by StampMakerLKJ DREAM ALIVE by emocx Stamp: No background music (Prize) by OtterAndTerrier Imagination Stamp by ArmZuliteVacation Stamp by Blackmoonrose13Anime Pit Stamp by MuseGamer PewDiePie Stamp by MissButtler Gardevoir Stamp by VolmiseManga Stamp by grovyle-n-wolfluvr-Creature Feature Stamp- by SemisweetstampsGay Rights Stamp by StampMakerLKJStamp: I love deviantART by apparateI love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinKindness... not cruelty by Galaxu

10,000 Llamas Stamp by wintercool612

Favourite genre of music: I like many genres, except hardcore
Favourite style of art: Manga
Favourite cartoon character: Gardevoir (and my OC Tommie:3)
Tagged once again :XD: This time by the awesome :iconcaspisan:
  • Full Name - You can call me just Thea ;P
  • Age - 18
  • Birth Date - 16-08-1996
  • Birth Place - the Netherlands
  • Gender - Female
  • Occupation - Student 
  • Primary School - A public elementary school near my homeplace :)
  • High School - The same school as caspisanof course ;)
  • College / University - Graphic design
  • Eye Color - Blue/green
  • Hair Color - Dark blonde
  • Currently living - the Netherlands

Bullet; Yellow FavouritesBullet; Yellow 

  • Food - Pizza, Pancakes, candy :3
  • Drink - Tea, milk shake, Jills
  • Band (s) / Singer (s) - ....I don't really know -.-'
  • Song - Songs of Creature Feature
  • Movie -  Horror movies :iconwooooplz:
  • TV Show - Ned's survival guide on Nickelodeon and Totally Spies. Both my all time favourites :aww:
  • Book - I don't really read ^^;
  • Color - Purple and blue

Bullet; Black Preferences Bullet; Black  

  • Pepsi or Coke? - None of them
  • Anime or Disney? - Why not both :la:
  • Guys or Girls - both
  • Lips or Eyes? - both
  • Kisses or Hugs? - Both :la:
  • Eating or Drinking? - Both are important
  • Novels or Comics? - Comics
  • Summer or Winter? - Summer
  • Outdoors or Indoors? - Can be both:aww:
  • Camera or Cellphone? - Also both
  • PS3 or Xbox 360? - Nintendo 2ds :icontrollfaceplz:
  • TV or Computer? - TV

Bullet; Blue Personal Bullet; Blue

  • Why did you choose your username (to be like that)? I am a huge fan of Nights :iconnightsplz: and TailsTails RULES Animation  of course. I'm still a die hard NiGHTS fan, but I'm not really obsessed with Tails anymore (but I still love Tails).
  • What is your favorite piece of your own work? - Work of my OC Tommie :aww:
  • What is your most popular deviation? - I think it is Chibi Tails :) because: 929 views and 64 favourites :D
  • Look to your left, what is the first thing you see? - A schoolbag of someone from my class XD
  • Now your right - A friend of mine
  • Something you can't live without - The same as caspisan=the basic things a human being needs. And love of course:love:

Bullet; Red The Last...Bullet; Red

  • Person you saw - My friends on school
  • Person you hugged - My mom
  • Movie you watched - Uhm I think it was SinisterComputer addict. 
  • Song You Listened To - The opening song of Shugo Chara! :la:
  • Book you read -  a magazine
  • Thing you ate / drank - Cookies and water
  • Time you cried and why - Last week. I did something horribly wrong custom emote - Unsure 
  • Time you laughed and why - Today. I saw awesome and funny work of others.
  • Time you went out - I'm on school now if that counts...

Bullet; Orange The first...Bullet; Orange

  • Person you dated - uhm with someone from an another county.
  • Person you kissed - Not sayingBlush (too shy XD)
  • Crush you had - On elementary school Blush 
  • Thing you think about when you wake up - What time is it?
  • Longest friend you ever had -  My best friend from elementary school :aww:
  • School you went to - The primary schoo next to the elementary school :)
  • Big holiday you went on - Uhmm I don't really remember ^^;
  • Award you got - I won a medal by gymnastics if that counts XD

Bullet; Pink Have you ever...Bullet; Pink

  • Broken the law? - I think I did but everyone does right? o-o
  • Been arrested? - Nope
  • Had a hangover? - Also Nope
  • Been in a hospital? - Yes it was not pretty Scared 
  • Been in a car crash? - nope
  • Flown on a plane? - Yes I did :D
  • Been on a boat? - Yes
  • Traveled overseas? - To England! :la:
  • Had sex? - No
  • Gotten pregnant? - No
  • Had an abortion? - No
  • Been to a concert? - Yeah:la:
  • Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something? - YEEESSS
  • Skipped school / work? - Yes
  • Broken a bone - yep

Bullet; Purple Personal AgainBullet; Purple

  • Who is your closest friend on deviantART? - caspisan
  • What is your favourite deviation by them? - So much :D
  • Which deviant's artwork do you like most? - I love all art as long if there is effort put into :aww:
  • What is their greatest work? - Too many :aww:
  • Any favourite deviant ART groups in mind? - I love llama groups but that's not what you meant I think XD
  • What is your favourite artwork of the founder of the group? - ....
  • The Co-Founders? - .............
  • How about the contributors? - ...........................................
  • Who was your very first watcher here on dA? - caspisan :la:
  • What is your favorite artwork by them? - everything:giggle:
  • Have you ever had any Daily Deviations? If you have, show us - No...
  • Have you ever won a contest with your artwork? Show us - uhmm I don't think I did....
  • Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art - This one===> Pinky in the garden
  • Show us your most recent submission - This==>Tommie looking critic
  • Your Religion? - Christian but I'm not really into it
  • Social Class? - Middle
  • Ethnicity -  Dutch 
  • Languages you speak? - Frisian, Dutch, English and a little bit of German
  • Scar (s) you have? -  On my knee when my bunny was on my lap. She has sharp nails >.<
  • Orientation? - Uhmmm.

Bullet; Green Totally Random~Bullet; Green

  • Where is your dream holiday location? - Japan FTW! :dummy:
  • What are you wearing right now? -  a vest with a T-shirt and trousers.
  • What is the last thing you bought? - Licorice
  • When did you join deviant ART? - about 3 years ago
  • Why did you join? - I wanted to share my art with the world and improve my way of drawing.
  • What type of membership do you have? - regular
  • Are you playing the game? - Not the Hunger games, that's for sure
  • Are you a member of any other websites? - Facebook, Tumblr, Behance.
  • Do you enjoy answering these pointless questions like this one? - Some I do, some I don't
  • Mood: Content

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